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I never understood the reason why there is was a stigma when adult children stay at home

6 February, 2009 (05:35) | Uncategorized | By: admin

I never understood the reason why there is/was a stigma when adult children stay at home (or as I like to refer to it as – the family estate :). If you research the wealthy and royalty throughout history… they all lived together and contributed to the family as whole and then passed on their riches (and sometimes failures), land, property, businesses, etc to the next generation. Some children were more talented with money, others with caretaking, others with artistic or scientific endeavors, and than other times for security (especially in the case of women and elderly). Its not always a perfect situation, but, when you think about it – it is a better situation then the fragmented families we have now.  And it would be nice if the “responsible” politicians also fought hard to eliminate the welfare for the corpotations and financial institutions as they do for ordinary people. We would all be on equal footing with equal opportunities. Because what we have right now is the socializm for the rich and capitalizm for the poor.  Breckenridge real estate on I find it fascinating how so many people complain about the “big, bad corporations” that are “greedy”. while I will not dispute the reality that greed may well be involved corporately, lets take a closer look at ourselves. Greed is relative. Many Americans live far beyond their means….which is the product of…you guessed it… GREED. Then when things don’t work out like we HOPED (read: false expectations that things will remain the same or get better), we then blame everyone else for our problems. The likely target? The monolithic banks, those B@st@rds!

Time to get a reality check and take personal responsibility. This is the number one reason I will never vote Democratic. It enables people to be dependant on the gov’t and eliminates personal responsibility. No, what I’m saying is the higher the interest rate, the more it pulls home prices DOWN….as in, that $150,000 home may eventually drop to only costing $75,000 if the interest rates go high enough….which actually makes the home cheaper to buy, even with the rate being way higher.

Buying at the bottom has nothing to do with something being an investment. I have no reason to rush into buying a home–especially when prices will be dropping quite a bit lower. I will buy on my terms–not when the government realtors on bitly wish me to.

By the way, interest rates have NOTHING to do with my decision. Over the course of time, it’s cheaper to buy a $75,000 home at 10% interest than it is to buy a $150,000 home at 5% interest…if you’re applying extra to principal each month.

Comrade, you’ve been spouting this line for god knows how long now, and I keep wondering if you’re ever going to take the plunge, or just keep waiting. Not a big deal if you’re a happy renter, but if you seriously want to buy, then the main consideration is whether you find something that meets your needs, at a price you think is good. Buying at the “bottom” means something only if you’re buying purely as an investment. Arguably, you may have already missed the “bottom” since mortgage rates have been increasing lately. If you can buy without a mortgage, then more power to ya.

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