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My home is worth more than I owe

18 January, 2009 (05:25) | Mortgage | By: admin

My home is worth more than I owe, yet I am stuck with trashed credit due to living in a domestic violence situation that
I just put an end to in October. I sent him to prison for what he did, and that, the so-called foreclosure mitigation counselor tells me, is what is costing me my home. I dont have the income to cover all the bills and make the current mortgage payment, and AIG/American General, wont work with me while I try to fix that. I have an auction date of February 27th, and unless I can sell before then, my children and I will be and broke. I get no child support, and finding a job in the current market has proven difficult, even though I have resumes all over the state. The shelters have 6 month waiting lists, public housing has a 18 month – 2 year waiting list, and even affordable apartments up here have 6 month waiting lists, and I have sold pretty much everything except my soul to try and raise enough to be able to keep this place that I have paid on for over 10 years, but there is no hope. I just wish I had a big life insurance policy. real estate news

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And for those of you who think I have new vehicles or all the toys, my truck is a 92 with 200k and a broken heater, and the tv is about as old. My one thing that I have that is extra is my laptop that I use to keep working on my Masters java…for all the good its going to do. I feel bad for my kids, they have lost a father,(such as he was), all of their pets except for our mastiff, all of the animals they raised from babies, and most of their sense of security and hope that the world was a good place, and even their big brother, who is living with grandparents because he needed stability. It just stinks to have no hope, and no, I dont think things are going to change, its just going to be a new set of robber barons at the helm.

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